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Wizz around London, in a FlexiCab. Cheap. Fast. Flexible.

At FlexiCab, we're bringing local cabbies and drivers together. Download today on iOS and Android. Get flexing.

Cheap Rates

Fed of up estimated fares? With extra charges? When riding with FlexiCab you pay for one charge and one charge only. Cancellation fee stand at £3.

Speedy Pickups

We make sure we supply the nearest and most convenient cab around. Once you confirm your location, one will be with your reach within minutes.

Cash Fares

Yes, everything is digital today but a lot of riders still keep cash in hand. So if you ever forget your contactless debit/credit card, we'll still accept cash.

Pet Friendly

FlexiPet! A whole new pet riding experience. No extreme requests or complaints from Drivers, no more tense trips but a memorable experience for all.

We have something special

A new approach to car-hailing

Hotspots. When Flexicab are in high demnad and it'ds becoming a drag to get FlexiCab. Now with Hotspots you can get a FlexiCab regardless of the demand, just for a little extra.

We want you to save as money when commuting to your friends, family, festivals and outings. But at the same time, your arrival time determines your opinion of our arrival time. Give it a try.


Booking is easy. Booking for a friend is easy. Stopping is easy. But it doesn't stop there.


Tired of card deductions? Now budget your Flexiab spending with the Wallet. Add funds whenever you want.


That's right! VIP members are entitled to 10% off each trip made for just £4.99 a month.

Pet Pickups

Now for pet owners. Let's face it. You're not a popular rider. But you are with FlexiPet.

Loyalty Perks

Yeah we keep an eye on the most loyal riders. Receive up to 1,2,3 or even 4 FREE rides.

FlexiCab for Business

Now for those of the Partners interested in expanding their business maybe interested in FlexiCab for Business.

Over 5.7M Businesses

Buisnesses we supply for your fleet to align with

Over 4000+ cities

Global coverage opening doors overseas.

Over 5000 Partners

We partner with all sectors streaminling your ops

Take a look

All you have to do is tap and go. It's really that simple. We'll remember your Hotspots.

Want to drive with us?

Want to manage your own fleet? Join Partners today and earn as you grow.

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